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A classmate pilfered a magazine from a father’s stash or an inattentive store clerk, secreted it away from adult eyes, and shared it with his peers.

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Another meaning of Puah could be "stood up to" (hofe'eah), which refers to Miriam’s standing up to Pharaoh and going against his will by refusing to harm the babies she was bringing into the world.

On the one hand, Miriam's name shows her gentleness and nurturing ability, but on the other hand it expresses her courage and strength – even as a young girl – to stand up for what she believes in and not give in to evil and treachery.

One of our favorite entries is by a follower in England, who wrote a piece called "Getting My Mojo Back." It was all about how our poetry prompts stirred him to start writing again.

For a look at how some of our favorite writers have utilized our prompts exercise, have a look at Gay Cannon's blog called called Beachanny By the Sea.

Huppert's appearance and beautiful designer gowns (most notably Yves Saint-Laurent) pays homage to the 30s and several references have been made to Marlene Dietrich.

The problematic of the working woman struggling to survive in a ruthless world has been explored by the German director back then and is repeated by Ionesco today, with emphasis on child abuse.

In the same Talmudic passage, we hear about one more person to whom little Miriam stood up: "The man from the house of Levi went...” (Exodus 2:1) – he “went” at the advice of his daughter.

Amram was the head of the Sanhedrin and when he saw that Pharaoh was throwing the Jewish boys into the Nile, he said: “Why bring children into the world for nothing?

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Avigail Avigail means "father's joy." Avigail appears in the Bible as King David's wife (1-Samuel ).

"My Little Princess", Eva Ionesco's debut film explores the intense relationship between mother & daughter.

Although, initially it may sound like a cinematic cliché to go over family dynamics once again, the film offers us a double controversy: The first being the relationship itself and the fact that the mother (played beautifully by Isabelle Huppert) takes erotic/pornographic photos of her under-aged daughter(Anamaria Vartolomei) and sells them.

Drawing some intriguing parallels between the work of the prostitute and that of the psychiatrist-both have clients, both charge for sessions, both take on roles that serve the needs, ... Suzanne is shocked when her bourgeois family sends her to a convent.

See full summary » Boldly unconventional and cheerful, that's how one could describe Babou. There she faces oppression and torment, leading her to fight back and expose the dehumanizing effect of cloistered life. Her mother Hanna tries to make a living on taking photographs and concentrates on her dreams to become a famous artist.