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Its characters have relatable reasons for their behavior, but that behavior becomes extreme enough to take audiences out of the story. Then the job becomes permanent, for foreboding reasons, and he marries vibrant local woman Isabel Graysmark ( For a while, they're achingly happy, with the kind of joy that can only be expressed through expansive, slow-roll montages of exploratory sex and dappled sunlit days together.

But their attempts to have a child together fail, in drastic and tragic ways.

He thought it would be more fun without his sister and parents but they were paying for it.

This initially seems like a victimless, forgivable crime — the infant gets a loving home, Isabel gets her dearest wish — but The Light Between Oceans plays it as though Isabel had suggested mass murder.They’re also both notably obsessed with the patient, noble anguish of men who just want to hold their families together, in spite of women who deny them access to their children and to the warm and loving relationships they once had. Quiet, withdrawn former soldier Tom Sherbourne (Michael Fassbender) accepts a three-month posting as a lighthouse keeper on an isolated island off Western Australia, where the Southern Ocean and Indian Ocean meet.In Cianfrance’s latest, that theme gets stretched to the breaking point, turning melancholy into melodrama, and hitting the “sacrificing man, faithless woman” notes hard enough to snap strings and break keys. Warned that living a hundred miles from his nearest neighbor can be lonely, he says he’d welcome some time alone, presumably to recover from the stress of his service in World War I, though he never discusses the details.His parents wouldn't allow Anne to sleep in the same room with Ryan and they wanted their own privacy so the family rented three rooms.Joseph's parents were in one room, He and Anne in another, and Ryan in the third room., follows two generations of misery, as a stunt man (Gosling again) turns to crime to support his estranged lover and their child, with long-term painful consequences.