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Impressed by the friars there, he decided, in fairly short order, to join them, to become one of them if they would have him. In the spring of 2006 he left for Poland, resolved to become not just a Dominican but a Dominican. Robert George, George Weigel, Michael Novak, Maciej Zieba, Aidan Nichols, Peter Cameron, Joseph Koterski”the lineup of powerful Catholic minds, one after another after another, whom the Polish Dominicans introduced to Columbia students was scary. A corps of graduate students and a Dominican or two would make the trip from Morningside Heights up to Rose Hill when he gave one of his Mc Ginley Lectures there. Everyone just took its wild weedy look for granted until, shortly after the Polish Dominicans moved in, the space was tended and now a neatly barbered little lawn punctuated with shrubs and flowers lay where only yesterday that patch of litter-strewn urban wilderness had snarled and bristled.

He began to study Polish on his own while still in New York. It was, as I now appreciate, a golden age, when the integration of was in the air we breathed and the water we drank. Now all of a sudden, for those with eyes to see, it was a living picture of the ordered vitality that marked the friars as individuals and, what’s more important, or at least interesting, as a fraternity of priests.

Like love, holiness is hard to define accurately, and hence the reluctance to talk about it at all. Being a teaching order, the Dominicans were well disposed to lead the Catholic community in the university neighborhood of Morningside Heights.Working the priest is not unlike ordering a meal from a Mc Donald’s kiosk.Simply select your language and the blessing you require.A PIONEERING TIME The year is 1836 and in London the English Parliament proclaims South Australia a Sovereign State of Australia.A free state is established and on hearing the news, Pastor Kavel in Hamburg journeyed to London in the same year to seek assistance in the movement of emigrants out of the territories under Prussian domination.And lead they did, by their demeanor as much as by their words.