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You will then be requested to send a large amount of money for treatment and promises that you will be paid back ASAP.
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These are the companies you use to register a domain name.Most also provide web hosting services but it’s by no means required to use them (in many cases we don’t suggest it).Is there a problem or does it really take that long with 1&1?We have called 1&1 and they say it is still "propagating".

If you need specific help with your account, feel free to contact our Support Team. One of our clients, Armed Gamer ( offline at this time), experiences large spikes in traffic throughout the day when he makes or promotes new posts. Both Armed Gamer and Uber Motif have reached out to 1and1’s support via phone and Twitter without results. We would have been furious over a few hours of downtime, .A way to help mitigate slowdowns and lower the server load is to CDN the site, we chose Cloud Flare in this case. Most registrars take a few hours to transfer out of, 1and1 holds a domain hostage for 5 days because that’s the max allowed under ICANN regulation. If you or your company has experienced a nightmare like this at the hands of 1and1, please share this along and comment below. We do our best to protect our clients and make sure their sites remain online at all times.As web designers we work with many different domain registrars.I've purchased several domains from 1&1, although no more.